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Japanese Modern Interior

Traditional Japanese design is based on balance and harmony through asymmetry. The interior reflects both traditional as well as modern Japanese minimalist design influences, additionally incorporating elements of western mid-century modernism to create an environment that feels both peaceful and inspiring through natural materials and simplicity. 

Selected furnishings and materials include Kendo sofa by Natuzzi, Conoid Cushion Chair and Chigaidana Bookshelf by George Nakashima Woodworkers, Ismaya Stools and Teak Burle Table by Blaxsand, Adalyn Lounge Chair by Edloe Finch, Scraplight Pendants by Greypants, Apollo Natural Stone Facade Wall by EcoOutdoor, and solar shading teak horizontal window by Bellotti.

Project  /  Residential / Living Space

Role  /  Interior Design

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