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Tu Es La Hotel Lobby & Reception

The design of this St. Lucia boutique hotel lobby and reception space provides an atmosphere for guests to be in the moment; to enjoy, relax, and practice mindfulness. The name Tu Es La translates to "you are here" and is inspired by a classic book of eastern philosophy by Thich Nhat Hanh, which guides the reader to discover the magic of the present moment. 
The design seeks to combine elements of nature within the space. This is accomplished by using sustainable and locally sourced materials of wood, rattan, and stone. Implementation of interior living walls and exterior bi-fold door creates an interconnectivity in interior and exterior spaces.

The use of a 3Form material "Varia" in Fray Baltic implemented for selected wall partitions is intended to feel like flowing water with vertical blue bands and semi-transparency in resin interlayers. The semi-transparent panels assist in opening up a somewhat limited space and are used in both the area between the staircase and primary interior lobby as well as directly behind the reception desk.

Project  /  Commercial / Hospitality

Role  /  Interior Architecture & Design

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